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Sloper Alumni

Welcome to the YMCA Camp Sloper - Alumni Page! This page is designed to reconnect you with the magic of YMCA Camp Sloper. 

WHY JOIN: Our volunteers and staff have formed an Alumni Association for past campers, staff and volunteers of YMCA Camp Sloper. Reconnect with old camp friends, re-live cherished camp memories, and pass on the magic of Sloper to future generations.

A Sloper Alumni Event is held every spring called the Sloper Charity Night & Alumni Picnic, which includes the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

If you are interested in being a member of the Sloper Alumni Association, please  email Camp Director Justin Hubeny with your contact information.

 All former campers, staff members and volunteers are welcome to join! 

Sloper Alumni Facebook Group

Hall of Fame Inductees

YMCA Camp Sloper Hall of Fame

The Sloper Hall of Fame is a prestigious group of past staff, volunteers, and donors who have given back to YMCA Camp Sloper in various ways throughout the years.

If you would like to nominate someone for the Sloper Hall of Fame, please contact Justin Hubeny, if the nominee meets all the proper criteria:

  1. Have had a lasting impact on YMCA Camp Sloper
  2. Have been involved with YMCA Camp Sloper for a minimum of five years
  3. Was a former staff member and/or volunteer. Staff members should be three years removed from employment before being eligible for nomination.
Class of 2005 (Inaugural Year) Gail Kelly - Jim O'Rourke - John Myers - Julie Dempsey - Mark Pooler
Class of 2006 Bob Crookes - Ralph Mann - Doug McLeod - Lynn Peck
Class of 2007 Kim Doyle - Jim Hilbie - Judy Korin - Lynn Newton
Class of 2008 Donna Ayer - Mell Hobson - Chris Pallato - Gilbert Vanlinter
Class of 2009 Dave & Jean Dellert - Kathy Marsan - The Pockock Family - Noreen Schumann
Class of 2010 Scott Berg - Dr. Bob Jacob - Rick & Paula Knight - Peter Nemeth
Class of 2011 Lori Edwards - Harry Kastner - Josie Rogala - Tony Palmieri
Class of 2012 Susan Skarvinko - Dr. George Skarvinko - Paul Rosin - Marlene Eshoo
Class of 2013 Christine Fanelli - Greg Kuhr - Nino Maccagnan - The Nagle Family
Class of 2014 The Hegenbart Family - Deb Rogala - Kevin Simms - Kenny Vasil
Class of 2015 Mike Miller - Jason Arnauckas - Christine Matteo - Garrett Swiatek
Class of 2016 Lance Kilburn - Bob Lengyel - Nicki O'Rourke - Mike Soccodato
Class of 2017 The Conlon Family - Kate Gorman - Jay Miller - Christina Simms
Class of 2018 Arielle Celliers-Gionfriddo - Kurt & Marc Johnson - Jim Putnam - Chuck Schall
Class of 2019 Terri "the Picture Lady" Connellan - Pat & Bethany Rosin - Barbara Glaude
Class of 2020 Kylle Ayer - Clyde "Butch" Soccodato
Class of 2021 Sue & Keith Larson - Mike Tedesco - Jill McAloon
Class of 2022 Tony & Deb Denorfia - James McAloon - Brett Rioual
Class of 2023 Dennis Gervais - Adam & Nick Leonard - Dan Nardini
Class of 2024 ???????TBD???????