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Overview of the CIT Program
How do I become a CIT?

You would register just like you would any other age group and program by clicking any "register" button. Sign up for either 'Session 3' or 'Session 1', as both include the 4 week program. 

In addition, you will need to submit a CIT Application. All applicants are reviewed before acceptance into the program. This process is designed to simulate applying to an actual job in the future. All applicants are accepted into the program.

Does the CIT Program cost anything?

Yes. CITs are still considered campers and have to register. The cost varies from year to year, but for the four week program you will pay roughly half of a traditional 2-week program of any other age group.

Each additional week of CITs that you register for (after the initial 4-week program) is as at a reduced rate. 

See the Day Camp Brochure for full pricing details on all day camp programs.

What do CITs do?

CITs is broken into two parts.

The first part is a 2-week long training and development program designed to prepare you for being a counselor in the future. Traditional camp activities will also be sprinkled in to the program since CITs are still campers.

The second part is a 2-week long placement into one of the K-5th camper groups. Each CIT will be assigned a different camper group that they will practice what they learned in the first two weeks.

What happens if I complete the first 4-week program? Can I still be a CIT for Sessions 3 or 4??

If you complete the first 4 week session of CITs (session 1 & 2), you will either be invited back for more "group placed" weeks or offered the chance to repeat the 4 week CIT program.

What happens if I can't do all of the 4-week program?

The most important part of the CIT program is the first two weeks where all of the learning and development happens. The second two weeks of "group placement" is also important, but can be made up in later weeks.

If at all possible, try not to miss the first two weeks, but we understand if summer schedules do not comply.

What makes the CIT Program important?

At YMCA Camp Sloper we view the CIT Program as one of our most important programs. We consider the program to be "job development", and not just for a job at YMCA Camp Sloper, but for any job you may apply for.

The program does teach you how to be a great counselor, but it also teaches you proper work ethic, pertinent life skills, working with others, problem solving, independent thinking, and lots of responsibility.

If your goals are to work at YMCA Camp Sloper, the CIT program is the best way for us to see what you can do in the camp setting. What better way to practice being a counselor than being an 'assistant counselor' as a CIT. Our CIT Director completes observations and evaluations of every CIT in the program for us to review during the application process when applying to be a Junior Counselor (16 years old).

Who can be a CIT?

Anyone going into the 10th grade in the following school year.