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Day Camp Forms and Documents

Below you will find a variety of different forms and documents that are used throughout the summer.

Some forms are required by the State of Connecticut and our governing body, the Office of Early Childhood.

If you have completed forms, you can get them to us in a few ways:

1. Bring them to YMCA Camp Sloper at the main office (McLeod Pavilion)

    *use the Forms Drop Box to the right of the front door for after office hours drop off

2. Mail them to YMCA Camp Sloper at 1000 East Street, Southington, CT 06489

3. Upload them to your camper's profile by logging into your 'CampBrain' account (click any register button to get there)

4. Email Sarah Dupre, the Office Administrator, at

5. Drop them off at the Front Desk of the Southington or Cheshire YMCAs



Day Camp Forms & Documents (Printable)

State of CT Health Examination Record

State of CT Health Examination Record


This document is required for all campers by the State of CT and the Office of Early Childhood (our licensing body). Camper medicals are good for 36 months. All medicals must be signed and dated by a licensed medical practitioner, as well as signed by you. If you submitted a medical from the previous summer that is still current and is within the 36 month period, you can fill out a 'Medical Transfer Form' instead of submitting a new medical. *We always recommend providing camp with the most up-to-date medical information.  

Authorization of Medication Form

Authorization of Medication Form


This form is used if/when a camper needs to take medication while at camp during a camp day. This form should be filled out by a licensed medical practitioner. All Administration of Medication Forms are reviewed by our onsite Registered Nurse prior to your camper's arrival.

Individual Care Plan (ICP)

Individual Care Plan (ICP)


An Individual Care Plan is used if a camper has requires any special or specific care needs that will help them be successful at camp. ICPs are required for any camper who has a medical or dietary need. Other common reasons for a need for an ICP would be for campers with dietary restrictions, allergies, learning disabilities, behavioral needs, and situational needs. These forms can be filled out by the parent/guardian. 

Subway Form 2023

There is no Subway during Finale Week


This is our 2023 Subway Form. On Friday's all summer long, you have the option of buying Subway for your camper for lunch. Each Subway order is $10.00 and comes with a 6-inch sandwich (customizeable), choice of chips, and a bottle of water. Currently, we are only able to accept cash in person. We are able to take pre-payments for Subway through your campers profile, please call the main office to do so.

Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook

Read through the handbook for all of the information about our day camp programs, including; registration process, required forms, medications at camp, payment and refund policy, the daily schedule, first aid and safety, pick up and drop off procedures, diversity and inclusion statement, and our contact information. 

Behavior Managment Policy

Behavior Managment Policy

The best way to prevent potential behavior issues are to provide quality camp programming. Having said that, in the event that a camper is unable to adhere to the camp policies, we will follow the steps in the Behavior Management Policy

Medical Transfer Form

Medical Transfer Request Form


This form is used when you have submitted a valid medical form the previous summer and would like to use the same one for the current summer. Valid medicals are good for 36 months.

*We always request that you provide us with the most up-to-date medical so we can provide the most accurate care for your child.

Diabetes Agreement

Diabetes Agreement Document


This document must be signed if your child has diabetes and will need care during the camp day. 

Sunscreen/Bug Spray Permission

Sunscreen and Bug Spray Permission Form


YMCA Camp Sloper provides Banana Boat SPF 50 Kids Sport sunscreen for any and all campers. If you would like your child to use our sunscreen, please fill out this form to indicate whether your child will need help applying, or can do it by themselves.

YMCA Camp Sloper does not supply campers with bug spray, but if you would like us to assist in the application process, please fill out this form.

If you have your own sunscreen that you would like YMCA Camp Sloper staff to assist your child with, please fill out this form and indicate that you will provide your own.

This form needs to be resubmitted each summer.

Financial Aid Application

Financial Assistance Application


Any Southington or Cheshire family can apply for Financial Aid Assistance. Complete this form and turn it into Brittney Fontaine via email ( or by bringing it the Southington or Cheshire front desks.

Our goal is to provide a summer camp experience to as many child as we possibly can. Our annual Sloper Plunge Fundraiser is held every year in February to raise money to send kids to YMCA Camp Sloper, Naciwonki Summer Adventures, and YMCA Camp Quinnipiac.

Parent Agreement

Parent Agreement


This document is the Parent Agreement that accompanies each camper's registration. If you have questions about any of the statements in this document, please call the camp office at 860-621-8194.

Quick Policy Overview

Sloper Quick Policy Overview


This document provides parents with a snap shot of the major policies for Day Camp at YMCA Camp Sloper.