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Class Days

What better way to celebrate the end of a school year than with a YMCA Camp Sloper Class Day! Let the Sloper Staff lead all the activities for your grade or even the whole school!

With a little guidance from our activity experts, we will work with you to design a Class Day that fits your students needs and abilities. From Kindergarten to 8th grade, our goal is to make their trip (and yours!) a wonderful experience.

Have a really active bunch? Let's play some sports! Have a class full of monkeys? The Climbing Tower would be perfect! Do you have some outdoorsy types? We have 9 different hiking trails! All activities will be lead by the Sloper Staff. 

If you are interested in booking a Class Day for your class/grade/school, give us a call at 860-621-8194.





Does YMCA Camp Sloper provide lunch?

YMCA Camp Sloper does not provide lunch, but we have 3 restuarant style walk-in refrigerators that we place all of the students lunches in upon arrival. We also have a large freezer for anything that might need to stay frozen. Each School will get their own, covered pavilion to use as "home base" for the day.

What activities can the "older" students do?

Most upper elementary and middle school aged students enjoy: 4-Square, the Ninja Warrior Course, the Climbing Tower, High Ropes Course, hiking, kickball, wiffleball, Frisbee Golf, Basketball, Volleyball, Gladiator Dodgeball, and field sports (soccer, flag football, handball, capture the flag, etc).

What activities do the "younger" students typically do?

Students in grades K-4 usually enjoy: Crystal Mine, Tricycle Race Track, Playscape, Hiking, Kickball, the Ninja Warrior Course, the Climbing Tower (grades 2+), field sports/games, the Low Ropes Obstacle Course, the Fort Village, Gladiator Dodgeball, Nukem, Basketball, and 4-Square.

Is Swimming an activity option?

Unfortunately swimming and boating are not an activity option for the School Group Program. 

How many activity choices do you get with a Class Day?

This depends on the number of students you have that you are bringing. Normally, we are able to provide 7-10 different options for your students to choose from. On a typical class day, which usually runs from 9:30am-1:30pm, we are able to have the students rotate to four different activties for roughly 45-50 mins at each. Some activities, like the Climbing Tower, take longer to complete, to which we will limit the number of sign-ups to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to climb. Other activities, like basketball, can have 30-40 students at once. 

Do you have restrooms on site?

Yes, we have indoor plumbing with two different locations at camp.

When should we book our trip?

All bookings for the upcoming Spring season can start being booked on 1st of December the year prior (example: to book for the Spring of 2021, you can call us on Dec 1st, 2020). 

How much does a Class Day/Field Day cost?

The cost for a Class Day is fixed per-student rate.

Rates: $14.00 per student

Southington or Cheshire Schools = $13.00 per student